Ryan Chartrand

In response to Damien Micallef’s letter (“Pedestrians begging to be run over on campus,” June 4), you do make a good point. People do “cross the street blabbing on their cell phones or listening to their iPods” Actually, I’m one of them.

See, the thing is, perhaps in that whole mess of people crossing the street, there may just be people with “real majors” also trying to get to class on time. And maybe, just maybe, they’re thinking to themselves, “Boy, I’m glad I left five minutes earlier than usual at this busy time of the day so that I can be sure to get to class on time and not throw a temper tantrum at the people crossing the street.”

I’m astonished that after four, or maybe even five years in a “real major” you haven’t learned to prepare for obvious situations like that. I guess that’s something to be learned by those with “non-real majors.” Or is it “unreal majors”? Regardless, somehow it rubbed off on me and a lot of other people. They really should quarantine “real majors” from “unreal majors” so crackpot theories like that don’t infest our incredibly sophisticated brains.

Regardless, pedestrian congestion is obviously a problem that will not be resolved on an individual basis. Having one in every 10 people stop to let two cars go by doesn’t really change anything.

An ounce of awareness by both parties in conjunction with efforts by campus police is an actual solution. Anyway, good luck with that holier than thou attitude.

Stephen McDaniel
Mechanical engineering senior

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