Ryan Chartrand

When I read about Jerry Lenthall’s visit to Cal Poly, I found Jennifer Gilmore’s lack of faith in her fellow Cal Poly students to be disheartening. Most students who are taking the time to vote have taken the time to become acquainted with the candidates and their viewpoints. And any student at Cal Poly who has taken one of Adam Hill’s courses isn’t going to vote for him with a “might as well” type of attitude. Professor Hill’s lectures are indubitably inspiring and relative.

Unlike some professors at Cal Poly, you get to know who Adam Hill is as a person by listening to him in class. And when you discover that he is someone who really cares about students and the needs of the community, you are given reason to support him in the upcoming election.

Professor Hill is one of the most caring and down-to-earth people I have met in San Luis Obispo – qualities I would want any candidate I am voting for to have. Lenthall claims that Hill doesn’t have the experience in government or public service, but Professor Hill has been involved in numerous local boards and committees and has also served as President of the county’s Food Bank Coalition.

Adam Hill is a person who strives to change the third district to better the community, not simply to win a title. The only thing I will regret about voting for Adam Hill is that should he win, Cal Poly will be losing a great professor.

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