Ryan Chartrand

May 1 was BIKE NIGHT! Those who attend this event regularly can agree that it was a hit, as usual. There is a sense of unity that is illustrated by the friendly honks from cars, the waiting at stoplights to gather up a good crowd, and the simple exchanged phrase of “Bike niiiight!” The Bike Happening is truly one of the best events of the month in San Luis Obispo.

After a few laps, I came across a bike and carriage with a banner reading “ANGELA KRAMER” across the back. I pulled up alongside and greeted the ASI presidential candidate with the FAQ, “So why are you running for president?” She chuckled as we entered the swarm in the Bank of America parking lot and proceeded to tell me about her campaign. After running into her carriage a few times and learning about Angela’s strong passion for advocacy, I felt like I could relate to her. She looked me in the eye and said, “I just love Cal Poly so much and I want other students to love it here too.”

Angela Kramer is the kind of president we need on this campus. We need someone who rides alongside the student body and listens to what we care about most. There is more diversity at Cal Poly than we think, and Angela is someone who demonstrates diversity we can learn from. When Angela becomes president, every student’s voice can be heard. Vote May 7!

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