Dear Ian Nachreiner,

I think that the College Republicans seem to view many things as “dangers to our society” that simply are not. With your “antipersonnel mines,” “armed predator drones” and “around-the-clock military exercises,” you pose a MUCH bigger threat to any illegal immigrant than they could EVER pose to you.

This isn’t the North/South Korean border we are talking about here. Illegal immigrants aren’t coming over here with the intention to kill you or steal your money because they are “corrupt, wicked or sinful.” All they are trying to do is provide their families with better lives than they would have had elsewhere. If you could truly put yourself in their shoes you would probably strongly consider doing the same.

I did a few calculations using your numbers for U.S. population and the total costs of these immigrants and found that each American citizen (assuming only half the population pays taxes) would only have to pay a meager average of $130 per year to provide these people (yes, they are people) with health care. I hope that if you were asked to give this money to provide health care to some other third world people you wouldn’t whine as much.

All I know is I personally would rather my tax money go toward improving any person’s health than dropping bombs on their heads like we are doing in the Middle East.

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