Few people can say they were recruited to a team at Cal Poly and won the first tournament they played in, but Cal Poly women’s tennis player Brittany Blalock can.

It’s even better to know the level of talent one possesses and Blalock, a business freshman, has that also.

“I’m hard working, focused, I never give up and I play with heart,” she said.

Blalock is ranked No. 6 in California in singles and No. 34 nationally, head coach Hugh Bream said.

“She is motivated in everything and extremely hard working,” Bream said.

Blalock has been playing tennis competitively for eight years. She played on her high school team and a junior tennis team. Now, Blalock is excited to compete at this level.

“I’m excited for the season to start,” Blalock said. “I’m looking forward to competing against the other schools and hopefully winning the Big West (Conference) competition.”

It’s not easy to compete at this level, Bream said.

“It takes a commitment to the weight room and the ability to continue using your strengths,” he said. “Brittany is phenomenally competitive and I’m confident she can win first.”

Though Blalock is getting so much praise for her playing, she is still a freshman getting to know Cal Poly.

“Aside from school and tennis, I spend time with my friends,” Blalock said. “I am still adjusting to it all.”

Just like other first-year students, Blalock misses home and her family, but luckily, she has a new family forming, she said.

“The team atmosphere helps – they are like a second family to me,” she said.

Blalock determined she was going to come to Cal Poly the August before her senior year of high school.

“I wasn’t stressed at all my senior year and it was really nice,” Blalock said.

“She visited early last summer, so we had the whole year to get to know her better,” Bream said. “Getting the communication going helped and she adapted much quicker than normal.”

Being on the tennis team is not without work, Blalock said.

“I have practice on Monday and Wednesday from 7 to 10 o’clock,” she said. “It consists of biking, playing and then either the weight room or running.”

Each tennis player has their own game, Bream said.

“She is 5 feet, 10 inches tall, and super powerful like a Lindsay Davenport,” he said.

Like most athletes, Blalock has her role models.

“Andre Agassi is my favorite player of all time and I’m so sad he retired,” she said.

Blalock has what it takes to go far, Bream said.

“Having strength is a big equalizer against players with more experience,” Bream said.

Added Blalock, “I bettered myself a lot in the past couple years. I am going to compete to the best of my ability every time.”

“This girl has a bright future and I know she can become the top (player) in the country,” Bream said.

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