AGR was not having a party on the night of the assault, fraternity president Brad Kurtz said. | Joseph Pack/Mustang News

Alpha Gamma Rho (AGR) is under investigation for the nature of a gathering held last Thursday night that was connected to the stabbing of a Cal Poly student and one Cuesta College student.

The fraternity has been on social probation since its violations of Cal Poly’s party and alcohol registration policies last December. AGR is not allowed to hold any social events until its one-year probation is lifted on Dec. 6, 2015.

On the night of the stabbing, the two suspects tried to gain access to the fraternity house, but were denied at the front door.

According to AGR President and soil science senior Brad Kurtz, the suspects, among several others, then walked around the house and entered through the back door. AGR members again kicked the two men out, and once outside, they turned violent, throwing punches at the fraternity members.

“That was really all the involvement AGR had with the stabbing incident,” said Kurtz. “The guys that got stabbed were friends of brothers. Our only involvement was kicking those guys out of our house.”

The two victims were walking along Foothill Boulevard near the entrance to Mustang Village when, they say, were confronted and stabbed by two people. The incident took place around 12:47 a.m. on Friday.

Because of comments made during the altercation at the fraternity house, the suspects are believed to be from the Fresno area. Cuesta College student Jay Hernandez, who San Luis Obispo Police Department Sergeant Chad Pfarr said grew up in the Central Valley, was arrested in connection with the assault on Sept. 18.

As far as the investigation on the fraternity goes, Cal Poly has just started examining the nature of the event. If AGR is found to have been hosting a party that night, it would be in violation of its existing social probation. This could lead to consequences as minor as a warning to something more serious, such as extended probation or suspension.

“It’s really too early to decide anything,” Dean of Students Jean DeCosta said. “We try to do (the investigation) within a 60-day period, but we don’t always match that due to delays.”

Kurtz said the lease for AGR’s house on California Boulevard had started that Thursday, and that brothers were still in the process of moving in that night.

“We were just hanging out and playing music,” he said. “A lot of people came by thinking there was a party, and we turned them away. It was only brothers and about 16 other people. It was not a party by any means.”

Correction: This article has been updated to clarify the description of the stabbing.

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