So, this is great.

As I am watching Monday Night Football, John Madden (esteemed Cal Poly alumnus) and Al Michaels have a “special” guest, our Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. I more than understand the politics that must go on in order to make the world, and our state, go around.

Now, I recall how heavily Gov. Schwarzenegger rode the education ticket heavily to get his posterior into office, and how quickly he cut the budget to the California state school system.

For that I am personally offended.

I am also offended because this yutz gets to go to an NFL game for free! I have been a football fan my entire life. Well, at least since I can remember the 49ers drafting the great Joe Montana.

However, I find it rather disheartening whose “sky box” our Governor was sitting in; Mr. Alex Spanos, another Cal Poly alumnus. Alex has donated a substantial amount of money to our school, which I think is great especially since people like Gov. Schwarzenegger have cut so much money from the education budget.

Now I want to know the reasoning behind Alex inviting our governor to be his guest.

This to me is contradictory… unless he subscribes to the adage “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” With any luck, maybe Alex was attempting to get the governor to donate some money to the California public school system to pay back what he took.

Matthew Main

Forestry and natural resources senior

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