Ugh, what is that disgusting yet familiar smell? Oh I know, just the typical diarrhea you would expect a simple-minded liberal to spew. Erica, your article just reeked the putrid smell of liberal-socialist hate for the “all-powerful corporation.” I mean, come on. What was your point? Are you trying to say it’s wrong for a corporation to donate $500 million to an academic institution?

It looks like a clear win-win to me: The school gets a butt-load of money to invest in their “business” (i.e. creating a better school) and, in turn, receive higher “profit” (i.e. highly trained and skilled graduates) while the corporation benefits from the research of a new generation of scholars. Who is the loser?

Come on now, Erica. As president of the Cal Poly Democrats, I would expect you to have something more enlightening to say. I mean there are plenty of other things that you can whine about … why choose this one?

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