Ryan Chartrand

I’m gonna cut right to the chase. When you are in the library, SHUT THE HELL UP! You don’t have to hold your study group in the quietest room in the library. Newsflash! The reading room and the study rooms on every floor serve that purpose. There has not been one time I have been to the library and been able to study in peace.

Even library employees feel it necessary to hold loud conversations with their coworkers and talk on cell phones. When I kindly asked an employee to please keep her voice down because I could hear her across the room, she proceeded to tell me there were other rooms in the library in which to study, and it wasn’t a quiet room anyway. When I turned around and pointed to the sign that said, “Quiet: Reading Area,” she just ignored me. Honestly, if you want to talk to people, don’t get a job at the library!

Another convenient feature of the library is the patio accessible on every floor. So when your cell phone goes off, you can answer your phone, say “Hey, hang on,” walk out to the patio, and hold your conversation. Because when I’m reading about radical Republicanism in the Civil War, I really don’t want to know how much you drank last weekend and who you slept with.

So, please, fellow Cal Poly students, with finals coming up, consider the needs of the other people in the library and keep your mouth shut.

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