Ryan Chartrand

Americans are apt to believe that terrorism is a corruption of Islam. On Wednesday night, the film “Islam: What The West Needs to Know” inspected that belief and the origins of Islam. The documentary presented Islam as both a religious and political ideology that is fueled by conquest and war. The primary responsibility of the Muslim is to prepare the non-believing world for the domination of Islamic Sharia law, using whatever means possible – violence, politics, deception, etc.

In response to this documentary, during the Q&A Cal Poly Muslims and their sympathizers attempted several tactics: attack the “credentials” of the interviewees (despite the fact that one was a previous PLO terrorist), attack the Cal Poly Republicans for not bringing the opposing side (why must they do that?), and dismiss the entire show as fear-mongering propaganda (as if appeasement in the 1930s worked). A few attempted weak arguments based on mistranslations and out-of-context remarks. But none of them denied the basic premise that Islam is a political ideology of world domination.

At least they were being honest. We at Cal Poly have too quickly forgotten the Islamic cleric our Muslim clubs brought to Poly in May 2006. Amir Abdel Malik came preaching worldwide Islamic domination, the overthrow of capitalism and the impending placement of a green Islamic flag upon the White House. His message of intimidation was clear – Allah or else. It sent chills up my spine and disgusted me.

Call it fear-mongering all you want. This ideology is in our backyard.

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