Cal Poly works to keep the entire Mustang family proud, including the alumni. What better way to do so then to combine Cal Poly’s most spirited events?
Family weekend and the homecoming game were originally separate, but joined forces in 2015 for convenience.

“I think people come back to connect with classmates and friends, they want to relive a happy time in their lives,” Alumni Outreach Specialist for Communications and Marketing Sarah Thien said.

The Cal Poly Alumni Office recognizes the substantial need for alumni relations, and therefore uses certain tactics to keep the pride alive. This upcoming weekend will be fun-filled and jam-packed with alumni and family events.

“From an alumni relations perspective, it’s a great opportunity for alumni to reminisce and remember why they feel so much Cal Poly pride,” Alumni Outreach Specialist for On-Campus Events and Programs Maureen O’Connor said.

Scheduled events range from a legacy lunch for families of multigenerational Mustangs, to a tailgate with greek life students, to an alumni pub-crawl, hosted by the San Luis Obispo chapter of alumni, and of course the Cal Poly-UC Davis football game. Several events are already sold out.

“Each year, we’ve added events to increase excitement,” Thien said. “Last year, we had alumni vote on the homecoming court, when previously it was decided by a committee.”

The organization of family weekend required outreach to alumni and the Greek community. There was plenty of exchange through emails and on different Facebook group pages, including the 30 chapters of alumni, which are placed all around the country.

Coordinating such an eventful weekend requires extreme attention to detail. Every last gift bag and pin is thought out.

Decorations include banners downtown, floral designs and Cal Poly swag, all with the theme of green and gold. “Traditions cards” will be placed on tables at events. Decks of 52 playing cards each with a different Cal Poly tradition on them, from hiking the “P” to going to the bars. There will also be Cal Poly stickers and pens for giveaway, as well as alumni ribbons to wear and perhaps even balloon bouquets dispersed around events.

When alumni remain excited to be a Mustang and recognize the value of a Cal Poly degree, it benefits the entire community. They also expand networking opportunities for students.

“There is a strong desire among alumni to reunite here and to reconnect with one another and their past professors,” Assistant Vice President of Alumni Outreach Ellen Cohune said. “It’s important for us to welcome them home, and to enable them to support Cal Poly students.”

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