Following a projected budget deficit of $35 million amid COVID-19-related losses, Cal Poly will appoint Interim Dean of the Orfalea College of Business (OCOB) Al Liddicoat to simultaneously serve in a second administrative position. Liddicoat will serve as Interim Executive Director for Human Resources and Academic Personnel, in addition to OCOB dean.

Chief of Staff Jessica Darin will continue to serve as Interim Vice President of Development through Dec. 2021, thus delaying the university’s need to conduct a national search to fill the position permanently, according to University Spokesperson Matt Lazier and a campus-wide email sent Tuesday, Oct. 27. 

Cal Poly planned for budget cuts by centralizing shared operations and working to reduce administration, according to an email sent to all Cal Poly faculty and staff in July. 

Following ten years at Cal Poly, Associate Vice President for Human Resources Beth Gallagher will retire at the end of December. Gallagher said she did not plan to retire in December before March, according to Lazier. 

Liddicoat will hold two administrative positions due to the university’s budget and “need for efficiency,” Armstrong wrote in the email. 

“This interim appointment will allow time for shared governance, union leadership and campus leadership to comment on the best arrangement and structure for the future,” Armstrong wrote.

This interim position will merge leadership positions in Human Resources and Academic Personnel. Some operations may be integrated as Liddicoat will work to make both organizations more efficient, according to the email. The organizations will not be merged.

The university will evaluate the next steps for this interim appointment during winter and spring quarters.

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