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Certain cultural icons from comic books stand out in childhood memories – Marvel Comics’ Captain America, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men or even The Hulk included.

Now, more than a decade after creator Jack Kirby’s death, his unfinished ideas have been completed and compiled into a hardbound edition of six issues called “Galactic Bounty Hunters, Volume One.”

Kirby’s daughter, Lisa Kirby, along with writer Steve Robertson, artist Mike Thibodeaux and the Genesis West team created the series from original Kirby designs. The hardbound copy of the graphic novel was released last December.

“I think he would be really pleased and happy that his daughter got involved in his work and picked up the pieces and made a final product,” Robertson said.

The comic series is about the adventures and comedy of a group of intergalactic bounty hunters. The characters are from the imagination of Jack Kirby, but the storylines and artwork are all new creations. The work, however, is true to Kirby’s artistic style and follows his original ideas.

“Our No. 1 reason that initiated it is that after his death and the death of his wife, we wanted to finish up and make a tribute in his memory,” Robertson said.

Robertson added that after Kirby’s death in 1994, he left behind drawings, characters and concepts that were never completed. The work was culminated, further developed and eventually formed into the series of six issues.

He felt compelled to help with the project because he worked on and off for the Kirby family for 25 years and felt that finishing the project would benefit the youth of this generation.

“It was fulfilling because I think it will bring pleasure to kids and get them interested in comics,” Robertson said.

He said the greatest challenge in completing the project was that Thibodeaux suffered an injury to his right hand that resulted in severe nerve damage and had to learn to draw with his left hand to complete the artwork.

A book signing will be held at Borders Books and Music in San Luis Obispo, located in Madonna Plaza, between 1 and 3 p.m. Saturday.

“Jack Kirby was one of the greatest action-adventure comic book artists of them all,” Robertson said.

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