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SLO County's best surf spots

Surfing along the Central Coast can be exceptional at certain spots, and many of them are easily accessible.


Pismo Beach offers a variety of surfing spots, though the pier is a popular spot that typically has a good break at high tide, with the best swell direction from the southwest.

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SLO in midst of movie madness

Beginning last Friday and continuing through Sunday, San Luis Obispo will buzz with a little slice of Hollywood. This year marks the 14th annual San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, an event that showcases several films and special events.

The films showcased at the festival are a variety of both new, contemporary films from around the world as well as older films.

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A new comic of galactic magnitude

Certain cultural icons from comic books stand out in childhood memories – Marvel Comics’ Captain America, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men or even The Hulk included.

Now, more than a decade after creator Jack Kirby’s death, his unfinished ideas have been completed and compiled into a hardbound edition of six issues called “Galactic Bounty Hunters, Volume One.

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The civil rights era, through photographs

Walking into what seems like an empty corridor from afar in the Kennedy Library turns out to be an exhibit that provides a glimpse into a time where some Americans struggled to gain their civil rights.

“Snapshots of Equality,” a special month-long exhibit hosted by the Kennedy Library, is an attempt to endorse the preservation of both local and regional manuscript collections that recognize black history and events in honor of Black History Month.

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Lisa McBride: Of desert reign

At 6-foot-2, Lisa McBride uses her height to benefit her on the basketball court, but when she started playing, she wasn’t nearly that tall.

She began when she was 4 years old on a YMCA team that was coached by her mom and continued to play as she grew through elementary school, junior high and high school, as well as on club teams.



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