Ryan Chartrand

I officially met Angela at the environmental mixer in the beginning of October after giving a closing talk about the state of the campus sustainability movement. She approached me and said “Hi, I’m Angela Kramer, I’m a political science major, and I admit that I don’t know everything about sustainability, but I know it’s very important and I want to learn.” My initial reaction was skeptical, but Angela proved me wrong.

Over the next few months, Angela attended Empower Poly meetings, educated herself about the issues, volunteered at Focus the Nation, and most importantly, leveraged her position on the ASI Board of Directors to elevate the conversation on sustainability. She was a huge internal advocate for the Rec Center Expansion Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification opinion poll, and recently co-sponsored ASI Resolution 08-08: “ASI Supports the Establishment of an Office of Sustainability.” Today, Angela has the strongest sustainability platform of any of the candidates, and is walking the talk with organic T-shirts and a Zero Waste campaign.

Angela’s commitment to sustainability is impressive and authentic, but the real reason she’s getting my vote is because of her ability to bring ideas from the grassroots to the decision makers.

This year, we have a chance to transform the stagnant student government we’ve grown to accept into an ASI that acts as a vehicle for change on campus and a REAL voice for the students. If you want to see what’s possible with a real advocate at the helm of ASI, cast your vote for Angela.

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