I have been retired from Cal Poly for about 16 years and I wanted to thank one of your Mustang Daily reporters who did a story some time ago on the basketball shooting contests in the Cal Poly Recreation Center. She then posted it on HubPages under “Don Morris Basketball.”

Recently, several Cal Poly student competitors have indicated they have seen the article and videos and have challenged my basketball shooting skills in the Recreation Center basketball courts – and it has been lots of fun.

Since the article was published in the Mustang Daily and HubPages, I have gained another year of basketball experience and now look forward to my 79th year of life.

As stated in the HubPages story, it is my pleasure to give a prize of a Gatorade to any Cal Poly student that can best me in three of five Senior Olympic Basketball Shooting Events. The events are free throw shooting, three point shooting, precision shooting, HORSE, and “the two-minute drill.” Each of these events has rules set down by the World Senior Olympic Association and they include “no dunking.”

Please thank your reporter for her story and I look forward to the continued challenge of competing with the Cal Poly students in the Rec Center. I’m usually on the gym courts on Monday afternoons and Thursday late mornings.

It is suggested that the students look for the oldest guy in the gym, and it will surely be this old timer.

Remember the Senior Olympic slogan: “Growing old is not for sissies.”

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