A perfect duo

Hillary vs. Condoleezza. I didn’t think of it, but once I heard it said, it made all too much sense. How else can it go? Who else could beat the other? And what a historic race it would be. Hillary has more connections domestically and more passion domestically. She would love nothing more than to start healing America’s wounds, such as education and poverty. Condoleezza has more international connections and more world politics savvy. She would love nothing more than to help with the ails of our world and earn back our international respect. That seems like a good team to me.

Condoleezza for president, Hillary as vice president. Let them both get to work on their strengths. And on big issues I trust that they would listen to each other when reaching a decision. I consider them both to be pretty rational as far as humans go, and passionate too. Their combined tout would force Congress to be less polarized, and perhaps spend more time focusing on what they are doing, and not stopping what the other guy is doing. And what could stop them? Hell, they wouldn’t have to spend a dime, the media would love it enough to do the work for them. Rather than slander they might actually have something good to say for both of them. Certain televisions might explode from the sudden change in tempo. But sigh, the world is not so cool? Or maybe nobody agrees with me. It’s hard to know for sure from this chair. Well?

Morgan Elam

General engineering senior

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