Lately I’ve been reading a lot of defenses and complaints about the CPSalsa posters. In fact, I’m reading Mark Egan’s right now (yup, I’m later than you are Mark).

I must say, I agree with his argument on love, but I don’t agree with the methods. For me, a firm personal morality is about being personally moral.

This means I can look at the world around me and not enforce that same morality on everyone else.

I know I can walk past these posters, notice that there’s an attractive woman, and move on. I’m not going and to take it home with me to masturbate under the covers (that would probably annoy my roommate). This poster does nothing more to me than the average television or magazine ad (sex to sell something? Shocking!).

In the end though, if this sort of thing hurts you, I do feel kind of sorry for you. You’re going to lead a very painful life in this world of ours.

Troy Kuersten

Aerospace engineering junior

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