I’d just like to simply say that I am absolutely APPALLED that the Daily would make such a HUGE mistake on such a big issue on campus right now. Reporting loud and proud that President Baker refused to sign the Climate Neutrality Pledge three times when this was false is absolutely wrong!

As you stated in the, mind you, tiny note about the correction, he merely gave no definitive answer and this is only the first time he has been approached about this pledge. (This is all assuming of course that you didn’t pull those facts out of thin air as well …) Granted, papers make mistakes sometimes, but surely you could have researched this a bit and not made such a BLATANT mistake that destroys the already dwindling reputation of our president. While I still think that it doesn’t seem to be the right choice that President Baker is making at this time, I think that the Mustang Daily should really rethink its reporting techniques if the only way to get its point across is to lie about the facts.

Hopefully you’ll take this letter as constructive criticism and that your reporters will start to strive for quality and honesty in their reporting.

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