Ryan Chartrand

I am not sure my point was understood. The entire letter response by Eric was pointing out that the student did exactly what the visitor did. However, that is the problem: the student is a student at a “prestigious” university who had been screened by Cal Poly admissions.

My point was not that the student did something worse than the visitor, but rather the student’s actions should be judged on a harsher scale because they are supposedly more educated. Eric says the student was responding; however, that is the equivalent to saying “He did it first!” The student did exactly what the visitor was doing, says Eric; however, that is the equivalent to justifying an older brother of 18 years old who throws a butter knife back at his 5-year-old brother because “he did exactly what the other brother did.” Does not anybody see that though the actions were the same, the judgment should be harsher on the educated? Thank you Cal Poly for letting me into a fine university such as this where “he did it first” counts as a justification.

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