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The California Governor’s Office is searching for people ages 14 to 25 to join the California Youth Empowerment Commission this fall.

According to a news release published on Cal Poly Now, the commission meets at least once a month to examine and discuss policies and fiscal issues that affect the interests of  underprivileged youth. They also formally advise and make recommendations to the California Legislature, the Superintendent of Public Instruction and Gov. Gavin Newsom to address these issues and create opportunities for the youth.

Applications are available on the state website and are due Friday, Oct. 21. When identifying an appointment of interest, applicants must select the option for Youth Empowerment Commission. 

California State Assemblymember Luz Rivas recently established the state’s Youth Empowerment Commission with Assembly Bill 46 in 2021. As the daughter of an immigrant family, the commission goes toward Rivas’ purpose to uplift and empower underrepresented communities. Rivas’ website states the commission has received $1.5 million in recurring state funds as a part of the 2022 state budget.

“AB 46 serves our democracy better by creating a more inclusive policy making space and giving our youth the chance to provide their innovative and unique perspectives on the critical issues affecting California,” Rivas said in a news release issued from her office.

The commission is composed of 13 members in total, from all 10 regions of California, according to Cal Poly Now. Five of the members must include those who have experienced a physical disability, youth homelessness, foster care or juvenile incarceration.

The news release published on Cal Poly Now further states commissioners are compensated for their civic duties with $100 per day and necessary travel expenses. Coverage of travel costs also includes guardians accompanying a minor.

“The commission is a great way to activate the leaders of today and tomorrow,” Jevon Wilke, the executive director of the California Coalition for Youth, said in a news release from Rivas’ office. “When young people share power and engage in the transformational work of today, we have the brightest of futures tomorrow and for years to come.”