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We are officially saying goodbye to the suffocating vibe of Capricorn season and welcoming the carefree and idealistic spirit of Aquarius season. Now is the time for emotional detachment and using the fake scenarios we create in our head as a coping mechanism!

Here are songs to do that to:

1. Canyon Moon – Harry Styles

Aquarians are very connected to nature and Styles happens to be an Aquarius, so it is a good fit. 

2. Hospital – Modern Lovers

If there’s any song that disconnects me from my surroundings,  it’s this one. Therefore it is an ideal accompaniment to Aquarius season.

3. Who Are the Brain Police? – The Mothers of Invention

This track puts the thoughts that Aquarians have against a psychedelic instrumental.

4. Out My Window – Junglepussy

Aquarians stare out the window too often.

5. Perfect Crime – Tinashe

This is another track by an iconic Aquarius musician.

6. Chosen Family – Rina Sawayama

Aquarians are very selective about who’s in their close circle of friends and this song exemplifies that.

7. Talk – Amine ft Saba

I’ve never met an Aquarius capable of shutting up.

8. Space Children – Labelle

This disco anthem is perfect for the Aquarius whose brain is constantly drifting off into space.

9. Strange Melody – Jessica Pratt

The eccentric instrumentals on this track pair with the personality of Aquarians quite well.

10. Heavy Metal Heart – Sky Ferreira

Aquarians always have their heart closely guarded.

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