In his article, Mr. Chowdhry accuses anyone who supports Israel to be immoral. How dare he? How can he accuse Israel’s supporter to be immoral while he supports Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization set on killing innocent Jews, Israeli or not, and is bent on destroying a country? And this, two days after a terrorist blew himself up at a falafel stand and killed nine and injured 60 during Passover.

With the same bias that has become commonplace everywhere, Israel’s defense of its citizens is now equated with Nazism, with South African apartheid and with genocide, all the wrongs of the world, even if these accusations are as ridiculous as they are.

And from where does Mr. Chowdhry know that Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons? And that it is funded by the U.S.? Whose spies does he talk to?

Just like in the movies, he is one of the many who demonize Israel and the Jews so that killing them is tolerated and legitimized.

He should be advocating peace between the two people, as even the Palestinian Authority supposedly is, not destroying Israel and blaming her for all that is wrong. He should be ashamed of himself for accusing Israel with this bias without placing any blame on her enemies.

And if the suicide bombings in Israel are a legitimate response to the faults of Israel, what are they for in Iraq and Afghanistan and other places?

Ben Goodman

SLO resident

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