Finally an election is coming our way unlike the United States government, where individuals are not forced to vote between the lesser of two evils. Next week is the election for the ASI president and Board of Directors candidates – I know you’re counting down the days like I am. Since I’m an old-timer about to leave this town I thought I’d throw my two cents into the ring about the candidate I think would benefit all of you next year and even those graduating.

There is one candidate on the ballot next week that rises to the top: Todd Maki. Maki is hard-working, experienced and passionate, yet also has fresh ideas and perspectives that would benefit the student body. His campaign slogan is simply “Todd because-” for a number of reasons; but the one I want to highlight to you is because he is the best candidate and will make your school year a little smoother. Maki has the experience necessary to get things done and also genuinely loves to serve the campus. His only personal agenda is to improve the campus through a number of different initiatives. Check out for more details. Take a little time out of your day next Wednesday and Thursday and vote for Maki for ASI president because, despite what other candidates may be confused about, he really is the man.

Blake Bolton

Industrial and technical studies graduate

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