Ryan Chartrand

Zach Austin, the “greenwashing” Governator is a politician, as are all the Democrats and Republicans representing us in the government. It would be very rare to find a politician without a dirty secret, as it would be very rare to find someone who promotes green living without Hummers of their own. The world would not function without fuel – Barbara Boxer wouldn’t have any gas to fuel her tour bus when she campaigns. So where can we draw the line on what is right and wrong with all this “greenwashing” going on?

Arnold going on MTV is a very good thing for two reasons: He is promoting awareness of alternative fuels, and he is involving America’s youth in important current events. An Impala with biofuel doesn’t solve global warming. Besides, who would really want to drive around smelling like french fries? What the Impala does do is show youth that alternative fuel is important. Arnold is in a very unique position in that he can get a lot of attention from America’s youth (non-voters). What other politician can be on MTV and actually have people listen?

Cars aren’t even the biggest issue. Forty-eight percent of the world’s carbon emissions come from buildings. Cars produce about half of those emissions. So what about houses, workplaces and power plants? We have to raise awareness any way possible. This goes beyond partisan boundaries and yelling at Republicans. What we truly need to do is change an entire world’s life style.

Brian Planas
Architectural engineering freshman

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