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Going off campus for art supplies is not the only solution. The University Store is an easily accessible option.

The University Union was crowded this past week with students admiring and purchasing the artwork of the craft students. But with professors and instructors unable to supply for each student, where do they attain the supplies to create these products?

Art Central, located on Monterey Street, is a one place to search for art supplies. As it specializes in art projects, there are more selections to choose from and the staff is knowledgeable about the supplies.

“When customers come in looking for a certain product, let’s say a pencil, we don’t just point them in that direction,” store manager Etty Pacifico said. “We take our customers over to the products and explain which pencil is best for each stroke or line they need it for.”

Pacifico, who opened the store in February 2011, wanted to bring a wide range of art supplies to San Luis Obispo.

Michael’s and Beverly’s Fabric and Crafts are two other options students can consider when buying their art supplies. Both stores are a part of retail chains, and so they are not unique like Art Central. They both, however, stock the majority of supplies needed for classes.

Though Beverly’s, located on Higuera Street, is notorious for its low prices on quality fabrics, its art selection should not go unnoticed. From art sets to brushes to paints, Beverly’s has the necessities, but not nearly as extensive a selection as Art Central.

And on Broad Street, Michael’s supplies various art products as well. Michael’s collection can be compared to that of Art Central’s. With a paint collection varying from watercolor — mostly used by elementary students — to acrylic and spray paints for artists, this retail chain has it all. The only downside: This store is further away from campus than both Art Central and Beverly’s.

Going off campus for art supplies, however, is not the only solution. The University Store is an easily accessible option. Having it right on campus benefits students as they can grab materials on their way to or after classes.

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