Safer: Obama's sexual assault plan good start, needs more work

For some students, talk from the White House isn’t enough.

Semester update: How close are the Cal States to converting?

Cal Poly’s ASI voted against the switch in December, but California State University Chancellor Timothy White has said he is a strong supporter of the conversion.

What came first, the chicken or the black hole?

Do galaxies form around black holes? Or are black holes born into existing galaxies?

Opinion: Cheerleaders deserve priority registration

As a member of the Cal Poly Cheer and Stunt team, I speak on behalf of each and every one of my teammates when I say that we deserve priority registration.

Men’s soccer looks forward to the future after playoff loss

“In the past two years we have really come together and jelled, and our players and coaching staff have come together at a better level,” Pridham said. “There is a positive change in the connection that has been built over the past two years. The chemistry and togetherness between the players and the coaching staff really pushed the team to the next level this year.”

Epperson eyes road ahead to raise College of Liberal Arts tuition

Epperson and other proponents will have to work to gain student support to get the proposal passed within the next three months.

Getting the grade: Cal Poly’s sexual health

Trojan has released an annual Sexual Health Report Card for the last eight years. Schools are graded across 11 categories, including health center hours of operation, contraceptive and condom availability, website usability and sexual health education programs and organizations.

Underclassmen take over women’s volleyball

They may have been one of the top players at their high schools, but in the college world they are starting over.

Ahead of nationals, top cross-country runners share mental secrets to success

“Racing is the time to make all of our hard work pay off, and the reason why we push ourselves every day, so it’s important to just enjoy every experience and to have fun”

From afar, Cal Poly Filipinos feel typhoon’s effects

Cultural clubs on campus have been teaming up together to raise awareness and funds for this disaster. PCE club president Calvin Choy and co-coordinator Serena Brown have set up a webpage that allows people to donate online.

Food stamps slashed, local recipients struggling

A tri-tip sandwich and small soda from Firestone Grill costs $11 — and judging by the restaurant’s popularity among students, most people on campus have no problem spending that amount on a delicious meal. But many living in San Luis Obispo County cannot afford to part with that sum so casually.