Celina Oseguera/Mustang News

A resolution to provide feminine hygiene products campus-wide was reviewed and approved by the Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) Board of Directors May 10.

The resolution vows to make feminine products, which the proposal refers to as tampons and pads, available for all students who menstruate when necessary. Board members and students that spoke in support of the resolution said it would support low-income students, provide an overlooked bathroom necessity and generally support student success.

According to a survey with 1,017 Cal Poly student participants, 95 percent of respondents answered “yes” to the question: “Do you think a program providing feminine hygiene products, in reasonable quantity, would help support the Cal Poly campus community?” Approximately 75 percent of respondents said that they’ve had to leave an academic-related activity because of lack of feminine hygiene supplies while menstruating.

Even though the resolution has passed, Cal Poly Facilities gets to decide whether or not the campus will follow this plan.

“ …  it’s up to [Cal Poly Facilities] to decide if, how and when this is done,” ASI Executive Director Marcy Maloney said.

Resolutions are not official changes. They are more of a statement of what students want and it is up to the university to implement those proposed changes.

“This resolution shows the official student voice and what we want the university to do, but in the end it’s really up to Cal Poly Facilities to implement [the feminine hygiene] resolution if they want,” ASI President Jana Colombini said.

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