Associated Students Inc. (ASI) voted to decrease campaign spending limits for student government presidential elections during their Board of Directors meeting Jan. 8. 

The spending limit was lowered to $1,500 per candidate — down $250 from last year’s elections, according to ASI bylaws. 

The change is intended to make campaigning more affordable for low-income students, according to ASI President Mark Borges.

“I believe this benefits low-income students and will hopefully make the position of ASI President slightly more accessible to more students,” Borges said.

Before 2017, there was not a cap on student spending in elections. In 2017, ASI set the the campaign spending limit at $2000.

Cal Poly’s spending limit is the highest out of any other CSU campus.

Chair of the ASI Board of Directors and political science junior Rob Moore said representatives from the Board of Directors are working to create different forms of funding to enhance accessibility in ASI. 

“While this [document] is by no means a good long-term solution to the problem of accessibility in ASI, the board viewed it as a step in the right direction,” Moore said. “Some members of the board are now working on alternative forms of funding for presidential elections that would create more access for individuals who would have a harder time spending around $1,000 dollars on an ASI election.” 

Borges said that he spent $500-$700 out of pocket for his ASI presidential campaign last year, but he said he expensed about $1,500 on his final report due to donated items. 

Despite the expense, ASI presidents receive a full scholarship covering housing, tuition, books and some other living expenses.

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