BlackHorse coffee shop closed one of its locations on Los Osos Valley road (LOVR) last Friday, Jan. 10.

The lease for the LOVR site recently expired and owner Tom Brown is not renewing.

“I think Tom is trying to enjoy his golden years. I know higher management is super happy where we are at right now and this takes a little bit of a load off,” General Manager of BlackHorse Destiney Dawson said.

BlackHorse still has locations on Higuera street, Broad street and Foothill Boulevard. 

“We all have our different types of people that come to our stores, so I think that the people who come to our [Foothill] location are going to continue to come here and we maybe we will get a few extras from them [LOVR],” BlackHorse Foothill Boulevard Manager McKenzie Ritzman said.

BlackHorse | Courtesy

Despite trying to scale down the business, there are not plans to close the other three locations, according to Dawson. 

“We are sad that we can no longer serve our loyal customers on Los Osos Valley road, but our other locations are not going anywhere anytime soon,” Dawson said.

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