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Students now have until Feb. 21 to apply to run for Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) student government for the next academic year.

The ASI board of directors includes a chair elected by the board and representatives from each of the six academic colleges. Filing is open for the ASI president position as well.

Student government serves as the official student voice of students at a campus, city, state and federal level, according to current ASI President and environmental management and protection senior Mark Borges. The board of directors establishes policies and parameters for affairs, properties, personnel and operations of ASI.

Board members are required to attend weekly workshops and biweekly board meetings on Wednesdays.

Each academic college has a minimum of two student representatives on the board of directors. The remaining 12 openings on the board are divided among the six colleges based on enrollment.

“It’s really up to the next student body to continue the advocacy and the desires of students before them,”  Borges said.

Interested students can stop by the ASI office in the University Union with questions or meet with Borges during his office hours in the ASI office Mondays from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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