Christina Casci

The reputable Aulos Ensemble will be coming to Cal Poly for the biggest performance of their career today at 8 p.m. Usually only featuring eight to 10 players, the band will expand to 22 musicians for this show.

The band originated in 1973 and was started by Julliard graduates. The ensemble has released over a dozen recordings and performs every year for a Christmas concert in New York, according to their official Web site,

Even though the ensemble has performed in much bigger theaters, the musicians are excited for the show in the Performing Arts Center on campus.

“It’s going to be like a big party,” said Marc Schachman, an oboist in the ensemble. “All of our friends from the East Bay will be with us, so it should be fun.”

Expanding an ensemble is difficult because specific people must be hired to do the job correctly, Schachman said.

“You can’t just hire anyone,” he said. “These people are specialists in their field.”

The ensemble has a reputation for putting on an exciting performance with some intellectual taste.

The audience will appreciate the performance, Schachman said, adding that the type of music is great to listen to.

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