I must start off by saying how much I appreciate the “All that’s Left” column for being such an expert on this apparent subject of cronyism. I especially appreciated the lack of citation of a SINGLE source in an opinion article which claimed many, many things as fact, and virtually nothing as opinion. Cronyism is defined by Wikipedia as, “…partiality to long-standing friends, especially by appointing them to public office without regard for their qualifications. In political terms, the word “cronyism” is almost always used derogatorily.”

Now somehow this phrase cronyism conjures up memories of another phrase used by House Democrats during the 2006 midterm elections: “Cleaning up the swamp.” The highly touted first ever female speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, said that she would do just that of the “swamp” that the GOP created in the Congress.

Whether it be John Conyers’ slap on the wrist for ethics violations (chair of the Judiciary committee), or Alcee Hastings’ impeachment for taking bribes (chair of the Intelligence committee), the swamp does seem to be clearing up now, doesn’t it. This doesn’t even take into account Pelosi’s own conflict of interest when it comes to the federal minimum wage increase, as it relates to American Samoa (see Washington Times). Or how about William “I stashed 90 grand in a freezer” Jefferson who has now been appointed to the homeland security panel. Before you go on and on about the Bush administration’s handling of appointments without providing any real facts, only hearsay, why don’t you make sure to clean your own house first.

Michael Minasian
Electrical engineering sophomore

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