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Plant central: Leis, bouquets for special days

Without the traditional lei, graduating students wearing caps and gowns do not quite look complete.

To do: Senior Year Bucket List

Senior year is a student’s last chance to make the most of what time they have left at Cal Poly. To balance out how overwhelming preparing for graduation and the “real world” can be, some students make it a point to take advantage of all that San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast have to offer before leaving it.

Breaking down the science of hangovers

Headache, sensitivity to light, nausea and fatigue are a few physiological symptoms people commonly associate with hangovers. The morning after a long night of drinking, however, partygoers do not always consider that emotional symptoms, such as depression and anxiety, may also occur.

Required online course aims to raise alcohol awareness

More than 33 percent of the students who drop out of Cal Poly do so because of alcohol-related problems according to Karen Hord, a Health Center staff physician.

Area 52 to represent environmental responsibility

Amanda Margozzi As construction on the Center for Science and Mathematics comes to a close, classes for Fall 2013 are open on Plan a Student Schedule (PASS) and scheduled into rooms of the brand new six-story building. Often referred…

The changing face of Cal Poly

Amanda Margozzi The total number of applications submitted to Cal Poly reached an all-time high in Fall 2012. There were 45,796 transfer and first-time freshman applications, which was an increase of 10.9 percent from the previous year, according to…

How to get a SLO job

Amanda Margozzi Landing a job in San Luis Obispo that is flexible with college students’ schedules may not be as frustrating to find as it seems. While jobs open up downtown during the early summer when Cal Poly and…

The world from a different perspective

Amanda Margozzi Whether looking for a six-week summer internship in India or study for a year in Sweden, the opportunities for Cal Poly students to go abroad are endless. The level of immersion into a country’s language, culture and…

Greek life preps for week of competition, games

More than 3,000 active members of Cal Poly’s fraternities and sororities are scheduled to participate in Greek Week at the start of next month. Houses will face off May 4-11 through 11 in three different categories of events in hopes…

No furniture on the roof

Amanda Margozzi Though students living off campus may grumble that San Luis Obispo’s housing ordinances are too strict and unusual, city officials promote them for more than beautification reasons. Neighborhood services specialist for the city of San Luis Obispo…

Tips and tricks to making your Valentine’s Day a special holiday

Amanda Margozzi Dating etiquette has certainly changed since the days of Jane Austen’s romance novels, but that does not mean chivalry is dead. Whether you are going on a first date this Valentine’s Day or taking out your boyfriend…