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Students show off their grooves

Rule 1: Respect the microphone, respect the poet and respect the poem. Rule 2: Turn off your cell phone. Rule 3: Please limit your time at the microphone to two poems or two minutes, so everyone has a chance to participate.

These are the rules for “Another Type of Groove,” an open-mic night put on by the Multicultural Center to create a space for dialogue and the exchange of ideas through poetry within the Cal Poly community.

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Popera revamps classics

Urban Dictionary defines “popera”as “a merging of the musical terms and styles of ‘pop,’ or popular music, and opera. A classical-crossover sound,”according to its Web site.

Cal Poly’s music department is bringing this unique musical style to audiences tonight with the premiere of “Popera at Poly,” a special performance combining classical and popular music.

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Bringing home the biodiesel

Cal Poly’s Biodiesel Club has made a progressive step toward making Cal Poly a green campus with a proposed goal of running all the school’s diesel equipment on cleaner burning fuel. In a successful three-month test last summer, one of the agriculture department’s tractors ran on B15, a mixture of diesel fuel containing 15 percent biodiesel.

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Journey rewarding for resilient Poly wrestler Vasquez

Darrell Vasquez does not fit the stereotype of a meathead, champion wrestler.

His voice exudes the kind of warmth and friendliness that seems to sharply contrast his chiseled, 133-pound physique.

The industrial technology senior is extremely grounded and easygoing, but it’s his impressive drive and unwavering focus that have led him to be so successful throughout his wrestling career.

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Where have all the manly men gone?

Long gone are the days of plaid-clad lumberjacks and truck drivers. The extinct breed of manly men has since been replaced by squeaky-clean pretty boys and finely groomed so-called “metrosexuals.”

During the brief two decades of my life, I have watched the disappearance of an era that once idolized the brawny, mustached detective, Magnum P.