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Gay or God? Cal Poly sparks queer-faith dialogue

For a long time, Bre Goetz didn’t think she could be gay and a good Christian.

Theatre and dance department coming to a ‘CrossRoads’ with fall production

To prepare for the theatre and dance department’s fall production, “CrossRoads,” the cast went the distance … literally.

The Holocaust: remembering their stories

It won’t be long until there are no more living Holocaust survivors.

Music department to kick off Parent and Family Weekend

Students and families can now kick off Cal Poly’s 2013 Parent and Family Weekend with a bang.

The girl who weaves dreams

It started out at my house in my parents’ room, and I was jumping on the bed. As I was jumping, I felt a presence under the bed and realized there was a person underneath it.

Officials question ‘dry campus’

If midterms made you thirsty, then rumors of a pub coming to campus must be making you parched.
While Cal Poly officials are considering adding a pub on campus, the first step is still to see if it’s something a majority of students would want, Associated Students Inc. (ASI) President Jason Colombini said.

Connecting on the spectrum

Natalie Belton’s eyes lit up with excitement at the mention of film and animation. She rattled off dates and names, her words practically toppling over each other.

KCPR aims at accessibility with open mic

Cal Poly’s radio station, KCPR, is hosting an open mic event in the Christopher Cohan Performing Arts Center Pavilion on Oct. 17 as part of its new push to become more student-friendly.

Smile and Nod meets greek life, hemlock and condoms

“Am I boxing using condoms as boxing gloves, but instead of the condoms, I’m creating a religion based around ‘Mean Girls’ and instead of my opponent, I’m fighting the saying, ‘that’s the way the cookie crumbles?’”

100 enter, several steal from VG Cafe after closing early Sunday

Approximately 100 people entered VG Cafe around 1:30 a.m. Sunday, after it was closed, and police say several stole items from the restaurant.

Brand yourself professionally

Andrew Woloz, a Cal Poly alumnus, makes music playlists for a living. “It’s an awesome job,” he said, “about as awesome as it sounds.” Woloz, who graduated in 2012 with a degree in business administration, works at Beats Music, a company under the Beats by Dre umbrella.