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First ATOG of the year remembers Rhodes

The year’s first Another Type of Groove — a monthly spoken word event organized by the MultiCultural Center — began on a somber note Wednesday.

Louder Space: Louder than ever, two years later

Louder Space — an alternative-rock band created by four Cal Poly students — is about to celebrate its second birthday. In honor of its two-year anniversary, the band is headlining an all-ages concert at SLO Brewing Co. on Oct. 5 — exactly two years after the band’s formation.

All 23 CSUs use Aware, Awake, Alive

Five years after Starkey’s death, Aware Awake Alive, the peer-to-peer alcohol education program created by his parents in his memory, is being expanded to all 23 California State University campuses.

Kristen Black’s school of rock

Over clinking glasses of rich red wine and hushed conversation, a woman takes the stage. With arms toned like Michelle Obama’s, the black-dress clad blonde props a guitar to her hip. Kristen Black is ready to give the audience at Alegria Wine & Ware an education … in rock ‘n’ roll.

Largest freshman class spurs new community in PCV

To compensate for Cal Poly’s largest-ever incoming freshmen class, freshmen are being housed for the first time in Poly Canyon Village Apartments, which are typically reserved for sophomore and transfer students

Blue Scholars to kick off first sunset concert of the year

Shwayze came to Cal Poly this past school year as a sunset series act, and things got a little “shwa-cray-zye.” The first sunset series show of this school year will feature Blue Scholars and is looking to top that madness.

Will you accept this rose?: Q&A with “The Bachelorette’s” Kasey Stewart

Kasey Stewart — better known as “The Hashtag Guy” — made a name for himself on the most recent season of “The Bachelorette” as #marriagematerial.

Cross Cultural Centers: a collection of identities

Industrial technology junior Rotem Drori is an immigrant from Israel. Drori comes from a family of mostly Orthodox Jews. And Drori is gay.

One-tank road trips

Looking for a quick fix of adventure, excitement and just-turned-legal empowerment? Find a friend with a car, and hit the road. Make some new memories just outside of San Luis Obispo with these one-tank road trips: local locations that only require one tank of gas to get there and back. With hidden gems so close by, you’re going to have to make some epic road trip playlists.

Campus improves sustainability

With 9,678 acres of land, 5.8 million square feet of buildings and a population of more than 20,000, Cal Poly is practically its own small city. And, like any city in today’s changing world, going green is the key to continued growth.

Week of Welcome: A history of changes

Week of Welcome — known as WOW — is the largest volunteer orientation program in the nation. But, before there were costume-clad WOW leaders rocking crazy choreographed dances, WOW actually began as a basic orientation program.