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Has Jandek sold out?

Have you ever heard of Jandek? Perhaps you are acquainted with Corwood Industries, or maybe his first band The Units. If not, do not be alarmed. It’s too late to be into Jandek and have that be a cool thing. Why? Because now everyone and their sister knows all about Mr.

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A hodgepodge of musical gems

As a music director at a college radio station, I am lucky to be spoon-fed hundreds of albums a week to review, devour and share with our listening community. Of the CDs that come in – an average of nearly 200 a week – about 120 are complete garbage. Once we filter the crap to its proper holding receptacle, we have another 50 albums that are not complete crap, but half-crap.

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The French know sexy music

French music is hot. HOT. OMG HOT. Like, I only listen to French music when I rollerblade in spandex along the Paris Plage. I put on my rollerblades. Oh, god. You all like Justice, right? You all know the song “D.A.N.C.E.” And you all worship Daft Punk. “Oh, Daft Punk, I love you, Daft Punk.

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'07 highlights from Kranky Records

I could not decide which album I wanted to review this week, so I compromised with myself by deciding to highlight Kranky Records’ releases in 2007. Kranky released about four records that made it on my “top 10” list last year. Bruce Adams and Joel Leoshke started Kranky in Chicago with the release of a Labradford record in 1993.



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