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How hard is it to send an e-mail?

On a rainy Tuesday, I left home for my 9 a.m. class with a warm coat and umbrella in tow. I joined the crowds of hooded and self-sheltered students shuffling from over-hang to covered hallway on the journey to class.

“Glee” has potential to keep toes tapping

“Glee” is a show that appeals to very specific demographics: those who fell under the “High School Musical” spell, those who are actually in high school, and those who loved high school theater so much that they cannot get enough of the clashing cliques and constant drama.

Cal Poly Arts celebrates silver anniversary season

There are few times in life that a silver anniversary is reached — marriages end, businesses go under and fashions go out of style. To many, lasting 25 years is an achievement worth celebrating, and that’s just what Cal Poly Arts director Steve Lerian is planning to do.

Bored with the bookstore? SLO has alternatives

Moving to San Luis Obispo opens many doors when it comes to shopping at local, privately-owned businesses. When it comes to music and books, it can be tempting to just walk down to El Corral Bookstore, but next time you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, check out these locals businesses instead.

“District 9” a standout amongst boring flops

Summer movie blockbusters lately have all revolved around familiar stories that have already been told. How shocking was it that Optimus Prime and the Autobots once again encountered those evil Decepticons or that Harry Potter defeated Voldemort for the ump-teenth time in this wizarding saga?

What your SLO theater choice says about you

For a town as small as San Luis Obispo, we are lucky to have four different theaters to choose from when it comes to watching a movie on the silver screen.

Week of Welcome brings artists to SLO

WOW coordinators have teamed up with nationally- recognized performers and Cal Poly entertainers to bring an artistic element to the campus orientation program. Students will have plenty to keep them occupied with throughout the week, including a surprise event at the end on Saturday night.

Off-campus locales offer SLO treasures

New students might not know much about San Luis Obispo besides Cal Poly. This simple guide is a good starting point for getting off campus without going too far:

Free yourself from campus food: These restaurants will keep you and your wallet full

Campus food is, well, nothing special. It’s okay for a while but let’s face it, we all need some options when it comes to food every now and then. When you get tired of eating the same thing night after night, check out these off-campus restaurants to satisfy any craving.

Dirt cheap living options

Finding off-campus housing in San Luis Obispo is a time-consuming affair and finding cheap housing is even more tiresome and a task that seems to be increasingly impossible. Yet over the years, students have figured out some tricks to finding cheap places to live.

New direction for student-led alcohol campaign

Alcohol: many freshmen want it and will do whatever it takes to drink as much as they can once they get ahold of it. This situation often times leads to negative consequences for these students as they adjust to life…