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Summer construction projects will change the look of Cal Poly

This summer marks a period of transition for the Cal Poly campus, with several highly anticipated large-scale construction projects slated to start immediately after finals week.

Student advocacy program feared unconstitutional

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education believes that CARE-Net, a program aimed at reducing discrimination on campus, may violate free-speech laws.

In film, prequels are the new sequels

The trend seemed to have started after George Lucas made those three critically condemned Star Wars movies not too long ago, which followed the rise of Darth Vader. Since then, franchises have been choosing to tell back-stories instead of creating new legacies.

SLO Textbooks — same books, new name

After 13 years of business, Aida’s University Book Exchange has gone out of business. A new bookstore, SLO Textbooks, has already taken Aida’s lease. Like Aida’s, SLO Textbooks will offer low textbook prices and more cash for buybacks.

Just say ‘no’ to Vegas

Summer is on the horizon and to celebrate the ordeal, students have been planning trips to kick it off just right.
Inevitably, crowds of older students, especially those who have recently turned 21, are going to think that it’s a great idea to head to Las Vegas — and what college student wouldn’t?

VIDEO: Same-sex marriage supporters rally at Mitchell Park

Cal Poly students and community members supporting same-sex marriage rallied together at Mitchell Park after Tuesday’s California Supreme Court ruling upheld Proposition 8.

Video: Rise and Run Architecture show

Thousands of students, parents and faculty packed into Chumash Auditorium over the weekend to view Rise and Run — an exhibition of year-long projects completed by 5th-year architecture students.

Blog: Why are movie franchises being watered down?

Typically, I am stoked for these blockbusters when I first hear about them, but the excitement wears off once I find out that they have been edited and watered down to appeal to a more mainstream audience.

Memorial walk event honors student Frances Chang

Gamma Phi Beta held the first ever Forward For Frances Memorial Walk Sunday. The charity honored sister Frances Chang, who died last November and raised money for charities that she supported.

Mustangs defeat Fullerton 7-4, lose series

The Mustangs defeated Cal State Fullerton 7-4 Sunday night. They lost the weekend series, falling to Fullerton 8-4 on Friday and 7-3 on Saturday. This series was immensely important for both the Mustangs and the Titans, who are battling for the top spot in the Big West Conference as well as playoff berths.

May Mayhem will feature activities, election results

The second annual May Mayhem event is happening Thursday night. Activities will include live music, arts and crafts and laser tag. The 2009 ASI presidential election results will be announced during the event as well.