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Indie filmmakers and SLO shine in the limelight

David Liebig arts@mustangdaily.net “This Fremont Theatre is a real treasure,” Mayor Jan Marx said onstage under the San Luis Obispo landmark’s signature spiral ceiling lit with vibrant splashes of green, purple, pink. Marx was one of several speakers, presenters and award recipients to echo this sentiment on Saturday night at the 19th annual SLO International […]

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Putting the ‘canvas’ in canvas shoes

David Liebig arts@mustangdaily.net At once, the colors steal your eyes. Complimentary hues blare from various canvases hung about the bedroom. The abstract swirls of color form neon octopi, dripping skulls. A banner of exotic, tessellate patterns cascades down one wall. Besides the sanitized glare of a desk lamp beating down at his work, only the […]

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19 students; 250,000 zip ties

David Liebig arts@mustangdaily.net A woven, cocoon-like structure the size of a phone booth hangs from the ceiling. Pop-up PA speakers pour out down-tempo indie jams. Throughout the room, students hunch over white tangles, working silently like sweatshop laborers. Some of them have bandaged fingers from days spent looping, tightening and cutting plastic strands. The projection […]

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Four reasons to watch season two of ‘Girls’

David Liebig arts@mustangdaily.net HBO’s “Girls” was perhaps one of the most discussed television series last year. Now the hip “dramedy” is back: The show’s sophomore season premiered on Sunday with an episode that opened doors to fresh developments and new conflicts. “Girls” portrays four 20-something females’ tumultuous post-college lives in New York City. The show’s […]

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Fall Minicon draws student gamers

David Liebig arts@mustangdaily.net Mighty heroes joined forces to conquer legendary beasts, swashbuckling seafarers convened to swindle one another and clue-hungry sleuths unraveled elusive mysteries — all within the minds of Fall Minicon attendees on Saturday. PolyCon — a student club that organizes gaming events each quarter — put on the mini convention, or “minicon,” which […]

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NOT PAST DUE: SLO’s surviving video stores

David Liebig arts@mustangdaily.net When I was in elementary school, Mom took my brother and me to the video store down the street from our house every Friday. Walking into that old, claustrophobic shop meant entering a menagerie of stories: Each small, colorful box on display promised of its own, unique adventure. And there were aisles […]

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Journal celebrates Cal Poly writers

“Byzantium” has arrived. The literary journal showcasing the winners of Cal Poly’s creative writing contest will be unveiled Saturday at Sally Loo’s Wholesome Café. The Al Landwehr Creative Writing Contest, which started in the ’70s, awards monetary prizes to six students — first, second and third place winners for both poetry and fiction — whose work is […]

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Risky on the blocks

A surge of college-age people flood the bars and streets of downtown San Luis Obispo every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night starting around 11 p.m. Some just want to relax with friends; others test the limits of the law and their bodies. Students and local bar-goers gather to socialize, drink and dance at nightlife establishments […]



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