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Dreaming big for their senior show

Palimpsest, an exhibition of recent works by art and design seniors Kate Nakamura and Kyle Wilhelm, opens at 6 p.m. tonight at 1060 Osos St.

Nakamura’s work addresses the effects of gender roles and age on identity and social standing. Greatly influenced by four years of glassblowing experience, she recently turned her emphasis to mixed media sculpture.

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Sports clubs reach out to students

Representatives from Cal Poly’s various club sports will be out recruiting for their programs during University Union hour today.

“It’s not going to be fancy; there won’t be any booths or tables – just representatives from clubs handing out flyers and talking to anybody interested,” said biomedical engineering senior Phil Chang, who organized the event.

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'Animal Farm': Escaping the farm

While “four legs good, two legs bad” may be one of the most basic tenets of Animalism, theatergoers expecting to see actors crawling on all fours and mooing in full barnyard regalia may be sorely disappointed with the Cal Poly Theatre and Dance Department’s adaptation of George Orwell’s classic “Animal Farm.

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Still, Waters runs deep

It was an exercise in masochism and excess.

A seven-hour drive, sans air-conditioning, through Los Angeles and the Palm Desert, only to wind up in the God-forsaken town of Indio, where the sun and choking dust did their best to ensure we would never make it out alive.



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