Giana Magnoli
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Last Friday in print marks Daily’s transformation

June 5 is the last printed Friday edition of the Mustang Daily. Like any media organization, the student newspaper of Cal Poly has changed a lot since its creation as The Polygram in 1916, but regardless of how information looks, the Daily is dedicated to quality content.

Take a self-guided tour of campus

Don’t worry if you missed a guided tour of the Cal Poly campus or can’t make the trip — this map will let you know the major hotspots on campus and give you an idea of what the university has to offer.

Hot spots every student, parent must know

From the gym to the administration building, the university union to the bookstore, there are spots on campus that every parent should know about when vising Cal Poly with their current or prospective students.

Hypothetical husband, I’m not giving up my name

I didn’t practice my signature in the margins of my notebooks for nothing. If I get married, my husband will have to deal with the fact that I am and always will be Giana Magnoli. My reasons for keeping my birth name stem from individual motives.

The shoes heard around the world

People used to duel to resolve their grievances. One man would hit the other with a glove, rules were set and everything was carried out quite politely despite the savage nature of dueling.

Nowadays, it seems that people would rather throw a shoe at world leaders to get their points across – even if it doesn’t work.