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Of Promethean Promise …

Mariecar Mendoza Of Promethean promise we crouch coiled and hesitant Maintained – is an air of unusual hesitance Thumbsuckers. Bedwetters. Gothics. Geniuses. And the police that wheel power from an abundance of softball games on natural grass Can you and I be free to express, no more than a facile question? That of which wastes […]

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Akron/family delivers good 'junk'

It’s difficult to be concise about a band still in its foal stages, but it’s rather impossible to be concise about Akron/family. With one album under its belt, a devilishly awkward myspace page and unbridled critical praise, Akron/family has impressed the music, digital and critical world alike. The previous statement speaks nothing of the band, […]

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Album incites cringes

Mariecar Mendoza The following article is an album review, commentary piece. Needless to say, no one is quite ready for me to spew out of the mouth. However, I can’t rest until I express what I have felt since listening to Belle & Sebastian’s “If You’re Feeling Sinister” for the first time. Yes, people may […]

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Musician sends 'greetings' to listeners

Mariecar Mendoza Oh Boy! How the world seems to be taking to this man – from music snobs to hipsters; musicians to wannabes; Christians to heathens; Heartland Americans to urbanites; punks to emos; creamos to extremeos and club-Goers. Or, to put it simply: Everyone. Just about anyone with ears has heard this man soothe their […]

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'Canada' is out of this universe

Ryan Chartrand Boards of Canada, hailed as the most important band of electronica music in recent years, has returned with its third album, cryptically titled “The Campfire Headphase.” The group, most praised for its genius expedition into ambient techno on 1998’s album “Music Has the Right To Children,” hasn’t changed its sound all that much. […]