Mariecar Mendoza

Of Promethean promise we crouch coiled and hesitant

Maintained – is an air of unusual hesitance

Thumbsuckers. Bedwetters. Gothics. Geniuses.

And the police that wheel power from an abundance

of softball games on natural grass

Can you and I be free to express,

no more than a facile question?

That of which wastes our time

The time of which is thought of as prime

Of Promethean promise we are hesitant like a wounded elk

Pitchers and pitchers of pictures of people I don’t adore

Flasks and pipes of rendered lives untrue

Truth has severed her snowy wings from this creation

Faces flex to fast now, and hearts faking happiness

Of Promethean promise I crouch like a hidden agenda

The kinship of my tongue and cheek keep me sane.

– Gino Macaluso

City and regional planning senior

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