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New club promotes clean eating

Slow Food, a new club at Cal Poly, promotes a type of agriculture that is good for the consumer, producer and farmer by encouraging students to buy foods from local farmers markets and preparing home cooked meals.

A look into ASI president’s progress

Kelly Grigss was elected last spring as ASI president on a 5-point platform including affordability, statewide representation, sustainability, diversity, and student access to services. She has made strides this year by addressing each of these points.

Are the health benefits worth the extra cost of organic food?

Is buying the organic option worth the extra money? When faced with a decision between two varieties of food, one costing less than the other, college students might be inclined to pick the cheaper option.

BLOG: Emergency Alert System isn’t used

Although an e-mail was sent out, questions were raised as to why the Cal Poly Emergency Notification System was not used to notify students of the crime sooner.

Cal Poly athletes promote a healthy lifestyle to kids

Members from Cal Poly athletic teams will be volunteering at elementary and middle schools winter quarter to encourage kids to lead a healthy lifestyle.

BLOG: Travel season could mean spike in illnesses

With the travel season upon us, millions of people will be traveling to spend time with friends and family. During high travel times, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, modes of transportation, such as buses and airplanes, will be crawling not…

Women’s basketball team struggles with injuries

With seven players injured on the team, Cal Poly women’s basketball is having to make several adjustments to keep their game strong.

Olympic swimmer addresses eating disorders

Seven time olympic medal winner in swimming, Amanda Beard, addresses the public for the first time ever about her struggle with bulimia. Beard hopes that by telling her story, she will encourage those with eating disorders to seek help.

Students organize run to fund PolyHouse

Industrial and manufacturing engineering students are putting on the second annual Fund Run on Nov. 14 at 9 a.m to support the PolyHouse project.

Police capture kidnapping, carjacking suspect

Police have captured a kidnapping/carjacking suspect they had been searching for since Wednesday evening.

UPDATE: Police looking for man who allegedly carjacked and attempted to kidnap student

A 23-year-old Cal Poly student was kidnapped on Wednesday night after Ryan Soqui, a 23-year-old parolee, carjacked her car while she was driving on the Cal Poly Campus. Police are currently trying to get Soqui into custody.