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Peace Corps reaches out to agriculture majors at BBQ

The Peace Corps co-sponsored a barbecue at Cal Poly’s Ag Circle Wednesday, hoping to recruit agriculture students and promote HIV/AIDS awareness.

Alpha Zeta, the agricultural leadership fraternity, co-sponsored the event with the Peace Corps.

Alpha Zeta chancellor and agricultural communications junior Kelly Bishop said the chapter wanted do the barbecue as a fundraiser, as community service and to shed light on the Peace Corps’ presence on campus.

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Happy birthday Mustang Daily!

Cal Poly administrators, students and past and present Mustang Daily reporters and editors gathered on Wednesday afternoon in the newsroom to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the newspaper’s publication. A special edition of the newspaper was printed for Wednesday in which articles and ads from the last 90 years were reprinted along with commentaries by the reporters that covered the events.

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U.S. lags in race to educate

A recent study indicates that the United States is falling behind in the global race to educate young adults and workers.

The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education released its fourth report in the biennial series, “Measuring Up 2006: The National Report Card on Higher Education,” in early September of this year.

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SLO to beat the punch

The Women’s Shelter Program of San Luis Obispo County and a team of art and design students combined efforts to generate this month’s “Beat the Punch” campaign, a violence preventative program soliciting the alliance of the community’s young men.

“The point is to create a dialogue on campus and in the community about domestic violence prevention,” said Lindsey Dunn of the Women’s Shelter Program and “Beat the Punch” project coordinator.

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Environmentalists, businesses gather for energy summit

A conglomerate of unlikely team players is coming together today for a regional community summit called Smart Energy Solutions at San Luis Obispo Vets Hall.

Patricia Wilmore, vice president of the Chamber of Commerce, said they are expecting a wide range of participants because of the variety of sponsors, including Cal Poly Renewable Energy Institute, Coast National Bank, SLO Green Build and PG & E.