The Peace Corps co-sponsored a barbecue at Cal Poly’s Ag Circle Wednesday, hoping to recruit agriculture students and promote HIV/AIDS awareness.

Alpha Zeta, the agricultural leadership fraternity, co-sponsored the event with the Peace Corps.

Alpha Zeta chancellor and agricultural communications junior Kelly Bishop said the chapter wanted do the barbecue as a fundraiser, as community service and to shed light on the Peace Corps’ presence on campus.

“As an organization that’s part of our mission to give people opportunities that could give them that edge in getting a job or getting an interview,” Bishop said.

Bishop is interested in joining the Peace Corps because she wants to make a difference.

“Going to a different country and applying what you’ve spent four years to learn is what really makes a different in my opinion,” she said.

Marta Block, the Cal Poly Peace Corps Recruiter, highlighted the value of going overseas with the Peace Corps.

“It’s a great opportunity for international experience. There are a lot of government agencies that are looking for workers who have ag experience, but international experience, too,” Block said.

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