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Forgetful freshmen: What you didn't know you needed for college

Things that freshmen might not have realized they need when living in the residence halls.

Helpful hints on professionalism

Helpful tips to be more of a professional when entering the professional world.

The do’s and don’ts of social media networking on and off the job

When applying for jobs, chances are most employers will search for you via the Internet. Here are some tips to help ensure that what they find is positive and perhaps give you an opportunity to market yourself in ways that…

Cal Poly hosts philanthropic former first daughter Jenna Hager

Jenna Hager, the daughter of former President of the United States George W. Bush, spoke at Cal Poly on Thursday morning as the first speaker in the Provocative Perspectives series.

Hungry? Grab your Poly Card

Cal Poly freshmen that live in on-campus residence halls are mandated to purchase a dining plan but many may not realize exactly what is included. There are three different meal plans to choose from that combine meal credits and plus dollars, so students can use their meal plan to buy almost any food available on campus.

WOW-A-Rama host: Frank Warren

Cal Poly graduate and San Luis Obispo native Frank Warren is the host of Week of Welcome’s annual WOW-A-RAMA, an evening full of social group games to help new students get to know one another.