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Pink and Dude Chefs serves nutrition to local students

Cal Poly students are working to teach local middle school students about healthy living and cooking through the Pink and Dude Chefs Program.

Cal Poly wind turbines to start running this quarter

Winds will blow for the first time in the Cal Poly Wind Power Research Center wind turbine this quarter after three years of planning. This addition to campus has influenced talks about implementing other wind-related innovations by the Cal Poly Wind Power Research Center.

FLASH program to evaluate Cal Poly student health over time

Cal Poly’s statistics department is helping the kinesiology department’s FLASH program organize data that will show the overall health of thousands of Cal Poly students over a period of four years.

Hispanic engineering club to compete in robot building competition today

The Dual Sport Bot and Jamm Jumper robotic engineering teams will travel to Cincinnati on Oct. 27 to compete in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Conference.

Gynecologist to address taboo topics at Cal Poly

Lissa Rankin, an obstetrician and gynecologist, will come to Cal Poly today to let women know it is OK to love their bodies. Rankin will also discuss her upcoming book, “What’s Up Down There? Questions You’d Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend.”

Cal Poly Space Systems launches a ‘Wild Thing’

The Wild Thing rocket team put 30 hours into designing and building Cal Poly Space System’s latest rocket, the 4-foot tall Wild Thing, which needed three seconds to reach 3,025 feet into the sky over the California desert.